Residential Cleaning Service

S & W Cleaning Service is one of the best ways to keep your home looking it’s best. We always aim to work around your lifestyle, scheduling services to make life easier for you. It is our pleasure to always be flexible and do everything within our power to ensure you get a premium home cleaning service every time.

Our basic residential house cleaning service includes:

Kitchen: Counter tops, Sinks and appliances are washed free of dirt, soap, grease, scouring powder residue and removable stains. A germicidal detergent is used by our teams to clean and disinfect appliances, sinks and counter tops as well as microwave. Stainless steel surfaces are cleaned and brightened to look like new.

Bathrooms: We will remove grease, dirt, soap, removable stains, scouring powder residue and mildew stains. Tiles will be cleaned, and mildew stains removed.

Bedrooms, dining room, family room, recreation room, gym, other rooms as requested.

Our teams will dust all items, clean all mirrors, and window sills. We also care for your floors, cleaning them until they are free of streaks and smudges. All hard floor surfaces will be swept, or damp mopped to a sparkling finish. Carpets will be vacuumed. Our residential cleaning services considers the unique design, individual preferences and specific elements of each home, to clean just the way you like it.

Types of Cleaning (We perform an extensive initial cleaning of your home):
• Routine Cleaning Service
• List Cleaning Service
• Deep Cleaning Service

Throughout Residence:
• Dust door ledges, window sills and wall hangings
• Dust electronics and other devices
• Straighten up rooms
• Remove cob-webs (high and low)
• Bathrooms
• Kitchen

Satisfaction is our goal. We provide feedback flyers every time we clean, and we urge you to fill these out to ensure we are providing cleaning to your specification.

The benefits of using our services?

• Free initial consultation to determine cleaning needs
• Custom service packages designed for your home
• Use of environmentally safe cleaning products (upon request)
• Ongoing quality monitoring
• Competent and well-trained individuals to provide services
• Monthly cleaning inspection forms

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